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Simple, pictorial, barrier-free explanatory videos with sound are useful for everyone

Social challenge:

Our everyday life is becoming more and more complex as the flood of information grows faster and faster. That overtaxes many people – explanatory videos can be a helpful bridge.

Explanatory videos are an entertaining and efficient tool to communicate in digital representations also with the groups of people you would otherwise not reach.
They increase the reach and enable those affected to better participate in important everyday topics.
Did you know, for example, that 10% of German citizens are functional illiterates and cannot read and write correctly? As a result, they are often excluded from important information. This also applies to people with learning difficulties. Foreign citizens often have problems understanding written German. People with visual or hearing impairments lack sound, text or image information to understand the content presented. And senior citizens are often overwhelmed by the new, constantly evolving technology – especially when they have to live with dementia.

Explanatory videos can make a significant difference through their simple sound-image combination including subtitles.

A benefit for all: simple videos with information in picture, text and sound.

It should be self-evident that participation in social life should be made possible for everyone. The government has also initiated this through the Federal Participation Act (the disregard of which will even be punished with fines next year). Unfortunately, this participation possibility is not yet implemented everywhere to a sufficient extent. Essential content on digital platforms must be barrier-free, suitable for the disabled and suitable for participation. An important first step in this direction are our standard-compliant explanatory videos. For example, they can make information audible for the blind and readable by text for the deaf. Illiterates can acquire knowledge through visual language and sound.
But also people without disabilities benefit from this simple and entertaining way of conveying information.

Many problems are solved:

  • People with learning disabilities can watch and listen to movies
  • Illiterate people can grasp the meaning through visual language and listening
  • Blind people hear the information content through complete stories
  • Deaf and hard of hearing people read the subtitles and see the picture stories
  • German learners understand the content through a combination of listening, reading and seeing the picture stories
  • Seniors and dementia patients are helped by the clear, simplified and large presentation of the contents

Even people without restrictions benefit from it:

  • Local, state and federal governments benefit from well-implemented inclusion and integration
  • Companies can thus reach an extended target group as employees
  • Foundations and charitable organizations present their added value for society in a better and more understandable way
  • Citizens are informed in a simple way about complicated connections
  • Teachers can better support their students in digital learning
  • Complex IT platforms can be better explained.

Here are some examples from our over 100 explanatory videos:

IT cannot take away people's limitations, but it can make their lives easier.

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