Social challenge and approach to solutions 3

21. March 2017
Armin Reuter

Social challenge 3
Personal expertise is often a hidden asset. For many population groups, a positive self-presentation is difficult – specifically, women, the elderly, foreigners and people with disabilities (see also initiative corporate value human). This lack of ability makes access to the labor market difficult or makes it impossible. Also, these hidden potential as an opportunity for employers are not usable.

Vision as a solution 3
An ITK solution for better presentation of personal skills, strengths and successes available on all systems Android, iOS and Windows could help – free and easy to obtain. Such profiles would also have to be easily maintained by job seekers. This solution should also be multilingual and also barrier-free. It would be more than desirable to dock at the appropriate places of the employment agencies, federal initiatives, but especially at companies as a contact platform.

Stay tuned …

Yours, Peggy Reuter-Heinrich