Vision and motivation


Good solutions are usually only available, which are equipped with the appropriate financial resources. Also, professional IT solutions are often only then created by economic and management, if these either have profits, savings or prestige enhancement to the result. Digitisation is an important topic: Internet of things, industry, work, and school 4.0. Many people feel left behind by this development. Companies and professionals will be the winners of digital change.

Justice means to partake also the weaker in our society the benefits of digitization.

About us

As a non-profit company, we have the stated goal of doing good with the means of digitization – especially for people with disabilities, impairments and migrant backgrounds, as well as socially weaker designs. The IT projects to improve the daily lives of these people and targeted assistance in various aspects of life.

On 17.03.2017, IT helped gGmbH was founded by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich in Dresden as a full-fledged GmbH. Her brother Armin Reuter from Aachen is co-partner since 27.04.2017. Both earn a living as employees in the IT industry. GGmbH helps gGmbH volunteer for IT.

"I am firmly convinced that with good IT the world a small piece can be made better with solutions that are accessible free of charge for all."
Peggy Reuter-Heinrich Founder of IT hilft gGmbH